Our Fleet

Corporate Cabs has a wide variety of chauffeur driven cars and you may confuse to select one out of the best. All our vehicles are modern, luxurious, and comfortable enough to travel long journeys. Our customers will never feel tired even after travelling for hours in our cars. Our Fleet contains Executive Sedan, Premium Sedan, Sports Utility Vehicles, and People Mover.

Executive Sedan

Executive Sedan is often used for business meetings and airport transfers. Businessmen always prefer Executive Sedan to reach their destination with royalty as it really looks classy and stylish. You can get Executive Sedan from Corporate Cabs for an affordable price compared to other Chauffeur cars service in Melbourne.

Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes Benz E Class is Australia’s favorite Executive Sedan and is well-known for its luxury and style. Corporate Cabs provides Mercedes Benz E Class vehicle with brand new interior and it feels bright and spacious. With astonishing features, Our Mercedes Benz E Class vehicle makes your journey smooth and pleasant.

Holden Caprice

Holden Caprice was born in Australia itself and it is one of the reasons people here love this full-sized car. The best feature of Holden Caprice is having the long-wheelbase than any other vehicle. It’s longer than Toyota Land Cruiser so it is really comfortable when there are more people to travel along with you.

Chrysler 300C

Chrysler 300C is a rear-wheel-drive full-sized luxury four-door vehicle. To reduce fuel consumption, Chrysler can work on four cylinders when less power is needed. This vehicle suits best for family trips and for guests.

Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis is a five-passenger rare-wheel-drive luxury car and was also called BH model. It is a four-door vehicle and looks more like a sports sedan. People who can enjoy travelling in a sports car can travel in this vehicle.

Premium Sedan

While Executive Sedan is a high-end vehicle which costs a bit more, premium sedan comes at reasonable price with some good features. Though it is not as much as luxurious as Executive Sedan, the comfort level is really good. The vehicles fall under premium sedan are here:

Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S is the smart car with amazing features. With its humongous size, long wheelbase, and all-LED highlights, Mercedes Benz S impresses everyone. Also, it sets the benchmark for all other top cars in the world.

BMW 7 Series

People who once travelled in our BMW7 always love to travel in the same car for its luxury and comfort range. Corporate Cabs provides a full-size long wheelbase luxurious BMW7 car to make your journey memorable.

Audi 8

How about going to your friend’s wedding in a stylish Audi! Audi 8 is the vehicle most of our customers ask for, when they are going to a wedding or a business meeting. Audi 8 is the cleverest car produced by Audi Company till date with a touch-screen concept.

Sports Utility Vehicles

A Sports Utility Vehicle suits best for family trips even it was classified as a light truck. With 4-door and simple interior design, Sport utility vehicles are really comfortable while travelling with family and friends.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 is often called as a smart car for its exterior look and interior design. The wrap-around running from the doors of the Audi Q7 ensures safety by forming a protective panel for the driver and passengers as well.

Mercedes GL Series

Corporate Cabs has the latest Mercedes GL models and all were sophisticated. The vehicle looks stunning inside and stylish outside. People who love style will definitely choose Mercedes GL series cars for travelling with pleasure.

People Mover

A People mover is generally used for a large number of people to travel a short distance. When you want to go for an outing with friends, People movers are just perfect! Corporate Cabs provides people movers for a reasonable price.

Mercedes Van V 250

Mercedes Van V 250 is one of the best spacious cars as it is a eight-seat family vehicle which is really comfortable to travel with your family and friends. The vehicle also comes with enough storage space so that one can carry all the things you need.

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